LAPD: Kings fans without tickets should stay away from Staples Center

LAPD to Kings fans: If you don't have a ticket, stay away; big screens will be off at L.A. Live

With the potential for the Kings to wrap up the Stanley Cup on Friday night, Los Angeles police are asking those without tickets to the game or an event at L.A. Live to stay away from the Staples Center area in downtown.

Earlier this week, Game 4 of the series with the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden was displayed on a big screen at L.A. Live. But that won't be the case Friday night.

"Ticketed fans should be the only ones at Staples Center this evening. The jumbotron won't be on," said LAPD Lt. Andrew Neiman.

Police will be out in force Friday to prevent any celebrations from getting out of hand if the Kings win, Neiman said.

During the Game 4 screening, hundreds of fans flooded the plaza area at L.A. Live. Eventually security officials closed the area after fire marshals warned them about overcrowding.

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