Southern California wind gusts hit 92 mph; mountain wave adds to tumult

Howling winds overnight gusted up to 92 mph in the mountains and were expected to continue into Tuesday.

A mountain wave added to the tumult Sunday night in local mountains. With this wind phenomenon, fast-moving winds from the midlevels of the atmosphere reach the Earth's surface and pose a danger to aircraft with strong turbulence.


Northerly winds blew at 92 mph at Whitaker Peak, 62 mph in Sandberg, 59 mph at Camp Nine and 53 mph in Porter Ranch, toppling trees and power lines, according to the National Weather Service.

In Chatsworth, 1,100 customers lost power, according to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

The mountain wave petered out around 2 a.m., but damaging wind gusts continuing Monday night could reach up to 75 mph as they blow across mountains in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The Santa Monica and Santa Ynez mountains could see gusts of 50 mph to 60 mph, with the strongest winds in the northern and southern portions of Los Angeles County.

The agency advised travelers to expect strong cross winds, which can blow debris and broken tree limbs across the roadway.

Strong winds can knock down power lines and cause power outages, said meteorologist Bill Forwood.

Along with the strong winds, Southern Californians can expect warmer temperatures.

Temperatures will be eight degrees above normal for Monday and Tuesday.

In San Diego County, a Santa Ana watch will go into effect Tuesday, Forwood said.

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