Made in America festival gears up for final day

Made in America festival: Day Two.

The final day of the Budweiser-sponsored downtown music festival in Grand Park outside City Hall gets underway at noon Sunday and runs until 11 p.m.


Today’s top acts include Weezer, John Mayer and Kanye West.

Saturday’s show drew an estimated 34,000 who were largely peaceful and well-behaved, said Andy Neiman, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman.

Of the arrests, 23 were for misdemeanor violations mostly involving alcohol. The other six were felony arrests related to narcotics, Neiman said.

Several people were given medical attention, mostly for heat-related issues, on-site and released. No serious injuries were reported as of 11 p.m., Neiman said.

Several downtown streets and a Metro station downtown will be closed during the festival. The following streets will be closed through Monday:

•    West 1st Street between Los Angeles and Main streets
•    Main between West 2nd and West Temple streets
•    Spring Street between West 2nd and West Temple
•    Broadway between West 2nd and West Temple
•    Hill Street between West 2nd and West Temple
•    Olive Street between West 2nd and West 1st

Multiple bus detours will be in effect for the weekend, and the Civic Center Metro subway stop is closed.

Approximately 240 Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies will be present on the county-owned park grounds, along with a private security firm, while the Los Angeles Police Department will have around 285 officers working the streets surrounding the festival.