Sisters' plan to house tigers near Malibu rejected

A proposal to build a compound that could house up to five tigers near Malibu was rejected Thursday by a Ventura County planning board.

Two sisters proposed building the home and tiger facility, which sparked protested in Malibu.

Irena Hauser and Sophia Kryszek now own two white Bengal tigers that have starred in many print ads, TV shows and videos. Hauser said she looked for more than five years at hundreds of properties until she found what she thought was an ideal location to house the tigers on the Malibu-Ventura County border.

Protesting neighbors hired a PR firm and brought in lawyers, organized a protest and community meeting, and even created a Facebook page titled No Tigers in Malibu.

According to KTLA News, the Ventura County Planning Commission rejected the plan, however, the sisters can appeal that decision.


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