Homeowner who says he fatally shot pregnant burglar is investigated

Long Beach police are investigating whether an elderly man who fatally shot a woman who was running away after ransacking his home in Bixby Knolls should be arrested in the killing.

Tom Greer, 80, told KNBC-TV on Wednesday night that he shot the woman twice in the back when she ran away with a male accomplice even though she told Greer she was pregnant.


"The lady didn't run as fast as the man so I shot her in the back twice, she's dead … but he got away," Greer said. "She said, 'Don't shoot me! I'm pregnant! I'm going to have a baby!' and I shot her anyway."

The Los Angeles County coroner planned to perform an autopsy on the woman Thursday and could not immediately confirm if she was pregnant.

Police told KCBS-TV that they were investigating whether Greer should face charges. The incident took place Tuesday night in the 3900 block of Country Club Drive, which is part of an upscale, quiet neighborhood.

For his part, Greer said he considered it self-defense. The pair had tackled him when he walked in during the burglary and only ran off after he managed to grab a gun, he told KNBC. The woman was shot in the alley behind Greer's home, the TV station reported.

A neighbor also told reporters that Greer's home been burglarized before.

"When the time comes to defend yourself, you best do something," Greer said.

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