Pause and Exhale

With the massive influx of images in the digital age, it's nice to stumble upon an image that makes you pause and exhale — like this one by Marco Sipriaso.

The photo taken at sunset on May 17th at Double Peak Park in San Elijo Hills is more graphic and less about the flowers.  It's more mood and emotion.  It's not a complex photo but it's well-layered, which forces the viewer to gaze beyond the frame.  It's dreamy and quietly demands an inner seeking of a misplaced personal moment.

Sipriaso says, "My hopes are that my photos will positively affect others near and far to get out there, live, explore and share." His optimism is certainly expressed in the way he views the world. Check out @heybaxster and you'll notice a defined spirit of collaboration. His work as a graphic designer for a game/entertainment company is also evident in the way he makes pictures as he finds his training as a designer translating well with photography, saying "a lot of the principles in solid design also apply to photography — composition, leading lines, contrast."

This particular image washed a sense of calmness over me and it's just pretty to look at.  It's an image that yearns for you.

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