Brown signs law by L.A. councilman putting teeth in mobile ad bans

SACRAMENTO -- Bob Blumenfield left the state Assembly for the Los Angeles City Council more than three months ago, but he left behind some unfinished business.

On Tuesday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that Blumenfield introduced as a legislator that will help cities, including his own, crack down on unlawful mobile advertising displays.

Cities including Los Angeles, Burbank, San Francisco and West Hollywood have banned mobile billboard advertising displays.

Blumenfield's AB 1253 adds civil penalties to the list of punishments a local government can establish by ordinance on the illegal mobile billboards.


Blumenfield, a Democrat from Woodland Hills, has pushed for years to rid his San Fernando Valley district of illegal mobile billboards, which may be attached to a bicycle, a trailer or other nonmotorized conveyance and moved from location to location to escape enforcement.

Current law allows penalties including an order of removal of the sign or misdemeanor criminal charges.

The League of California Cities supported the Blumenfield bill for providing "a resolution that is in between a tow ticket and issuing a misdemeanor."

Added Blumenfield, in a letter to lawmakers, "This bill would enable a city to use civil procedure to address problems that affect business, such as the unhitched trailer occupying the last parking space in a commercial corridor."