Jerry Brown reads up for possible Germany visit

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown is looking to get in touch with his roots as he reads up for a potential summer trip to Germany.

The revelation was made by First Lady Anne Gust Brown earlier this month during an interview with former Newsweek reporter Karen Bresslau, who now works for a Sacramento public relations firm.

"I'm a little flummoxed by what my husband's reading," Gust Brown said during the interview. "We're getting ready maybe this summer to go on a trip to some of where his ancestors are from, so he's reading all about Prussia and regaling me with all of these stories of wars I've never even heard of."

Brown, 75, often references California history in speeches and public remarks, noting his ties to the state that stretch back four generations. His great-grandfather emigrated from Germany during the 19th century.

Sources in Brown's office said the governor had no final travel plans as of yet, and it was unclear whether any state business would be conducted on the trip.

Earlier this year, Brown led a 100-member state delegation to China, where he met with top officials and opened a new trade office in Shanghai.

That trip was funded through money raised by the Bay Area Council, a nonprofit organization of state business leaders that has been a strong supporter of Brown.