President Obama calls Jerry Brown to discuss state's drought

President Obama calls Jerry Brown to discuss state's drought
A small pool of water is surrounded by dried and cracked earth at the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir in San Jose. Gov. Jerry Brown and President Obama discussed the state's drought situation Wednesday. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

SACRAMENTO -- President Obama called Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday to check in on the state’s water crisis and told him the federal government will do what it can to help.

Brown declared a drought in the state last week, and the president “reinforced his commitment to providing the necessary federal support to the state and local efforts,” according to a statement from the White House. “The agencies are working together to target resources to help California and other impacted states prepare for and lessen the impacts of the drought.”

The drought will be on Brown's agenda Thursday as he meets with "more than a dozen water leaders from across southern California" at Metropolitan Water District headquarters, according to a statement from his office.

Brown has urged Californians to reduce their water use by 20%, and has said he may make water reductions mandatory if the dry spell persists.

Lawmakers are currently haggling over a proposed $11-billion bond on the November 2014 ballot that would provide more money for water storage, clean drinking water and other related projects.


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