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Dislike a comment? The button is back

By popular demand, the "dislike" button is back as a feature in the comments sections of 

As of today, an up arrow and a down arrow appears below each comment, next to the "reply" and "share" buttons. If you hover over them, you'll see the option to "like" or "dislike" the comment.

We heard from a number of readers when we switched commenting platforms last year that having the ability to simply click a button to register a response to a certain comment allowed more engagement within the commenting forums.

Let's face it, sometimes "thumbs down" is all you really want to say. And posting a rebuttal takes a commitment of time, thought and conviction.   

Clicking "dislike" on will allow commenters to quickly express their dissent on a particular comment, and the number of dislikes a comment receives will appear next to the number of likes.

However, the act of disliking a comment will have no effect on where the comment is displayed. So there won't be any actual downvoting (or making less prominent) someone else's musings.

And for those who closely follow the rankings -- the daily measure of how active commenters are in our community -- dislikes should have no impact on commenter ranks. 

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