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Morgan Freeman's biggest role yet? Viral video of an iPad drawing

Morgan Freeman has played the president, and he's even played God -- multiple times. But this could be one of his most widely seen roles ever: being drawn on an iPad.

That's right, that image above of the Oscar-winning actor doesn't claim to be a photograph. It's allegedly a drawing.

To be more precise, it purports to be a finger painting drawn on an iPad.

Still in disbelief? Watch the time-lapse video and see for yourself.

Mind. Officially. Blown. Right? 

This is the handiwork of visual artist Kyle Lambert. He said it took him more than 200 hours and 285,000 "brush strokes," using the iPad app Procreate. He told Mashable that he's a big fan of the app, in part because it's so much like Photoshop. Lambert credits an iconic image of Freeman, by celebrity photographer Scott Gries, as the inspiration for this piece. 

The video creation of the photorealistic painting (a term we are borrowing from Geek.com) has drawn more than 2.5 million views so far, making it the viral video of the week.

If you scroll down to the comments on the video, you'll see it has also drawn its share of non-believers, those who suggest the image is just too darn realistic -- and precise -- to truly be a "finger" painting.

What do you think? 


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