Letters: What Boehner can do about California's drought

Re "GOP seeks to tap water crisis," Jan. 27

Good of House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) to drop by to help California fix our drought. Regarding reduced water deliveries to farmers to protect an endangered fish species, he claims that people from his part of the world wouldn't understand "how you can favor fish over people."

Neither would we.

Perhaps he can help his people understand that it is never that simple. Perhaps he can explain that as a consequence of the changing global climate, the Southwestern part of our country is becoming ever drier, making it more difficult for all species, including people and fish.

Perhaps Boehner, a fiscal conservative — instead of wading into a complex situation with shortsighted political drama — could shepherd legislation that would put a price on carbon and thus let the marketplace address one of the underlying causes of our drought.

Robert Myape

Los Angeles

The House GOP paper titled "The Man-Made California Drought," and the Fox News series "The Valley Hope Forgot," again demonstrate how these Republicans' responses to complex problems are nothing more than bumper-sticker slogans that do nothing to solve real problems.

Katharine Ellis

San Diego

So Boehner and his colleagues blame the Democrats for the state's water crisis. Before long, the Democrats will be blaming the Republicans for global warming.

Wait, there is no global warming.

Michael D. Mauer

Los Angeles

Wait, the Democrats are responsible for California's drought? And all this time I thought gay marriage was causing the drought.

Mary Rouse

Los Angeles


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