Letters: Saving small-town movie theaters

Re "Save the small town cinema," Opinion, Feb. 19

Jordan Stancil's article on his family's theater in Grayling, Mich., brought back memories of the Palace Theater in Clearwater, Neb., population 400, in the 1940s. My parents were farmers who made the drive to town Wednesday and Saturday nights to buy groceries and socialize. My sister and I made a beeline to the theater, where we saw two first-run movies every week.

Margaret O'Brien, Esther Williams and even Lassie became part of our childhood experience. We named our dolls after Wanda Hendrix and Deanna Durbin.

But along with the fabulous musicals and sophisticated comedies, we were also exposed to the war, hardship, loss, separation and reconciliation. The movies inspired us to imagine life beyond our small farm.

I am sending a small donation to Stancil for the Rialto Theatre. I hope his community bands together to buy a digital projector and keep the Rialto going.

Karen Michael

Palm Springs


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