No Sterling -- Shelly or Donald -- should own the Clippers

No Sterling -- Shelly or Donald -- should own the Clippers
Shelly Sterling wants to own the Clippers despite her husband's lifetime ban by the NBA. (Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images)

As much as Shelly Sterling has enjoyed the community property assets of her marriage to Donald Sterling, she now must embrace the liabilities of their communal relationship. ("Shelly Sterling hopes to keep ownership of the Clippers," May 7)

The elitism, racism and apparent discrimination on the part of Donald Sterling did not begin with the current episode that has enraged Clippers fans and the NBA. It is neither appropriate nor valid for Shelly Sterling to claim immunity from the penalties imposed on her husband.

Are we expected to believe that she has been oblivious to Donald Sterling's egregious behavior?

For her to claim the Clippers are an asset that should somehow fall to her side of the court is a flagrant foul. Someone with a sense of moral stewardship should be installed in her and her husband's place.


The players and the fans deserve that much respect.

Dana White

Santa Monica

Mrs. Sterling: Stop. Think.

Your marriage is really just a business arrangement. Testimony in past cases suggests that you share many of the racist views that resulted in your husband's lifetime ban from the NBA. You lack the support of the league's players, fans, owners and management.

Pursuing ownership is a folly that will fail while turning you into the second most reviled person in professional basketball. So stop, think, and then quietly walk away with half of the possibly $1 billion the team will sell for.

Cy Bolton

Rancho Cucamonga

Shelly Sterling chose to stay in a marriage and business partnership with her husband. She should get a divorce if she is serious about "consciously uncoupling" from Donald Sterling, his behavior and his money.

Nancy Wagner

Yorba Linda