Try to close the CEO pay gap at California's peril

SB 1372, a legislative attempt to curb chief executive pay so to close the "CEO-worker pay gap" would be a disaster for California. Not only would it give companies one more reason to flee the state, it would curtail entrepreneurial activity as well. ("It's California's chance to strike a blow for workers' rights," Opinion, May 20)

If the public is actually concerned about this gap, they already have what they need to solve the problems of truly egregious executive pay.


If they are investors in such companies, sell shares. If they are customers, don't shop there. If they are job seekers, seek jobs elsewhere. If they are employees, no need to worry — the company will be moving out of California soon.

Michael Napoliello

Manhattan Beach

People are not equal, so why should their pay be?

I started working at the age of 8. I am now 67. I have nearly 60 years of experience, nine years of college, four years in the military, multiple places of employment, experience in leading and managing, and millions of dollars invested in my businesses. And some think my pay should be brought more in line with what far less experience and skilled workers make?

That's not called pay equality, it's called socialism, and it has not worked out well where it's been tried.

I pay my employees an above-average wage for their level of skills, experience and abilities. What I make is none of their business or anyone else's, including the government.

The redistribution crowd can find infinite ways to spend other people's money. It should start throwing its own money into the pot.

Robert Houchin