Letters: Earth may not survive mankind

Re "Climate report depicts planet in peril," Nov. 12

So what if mankind remains on course to render the planet virtually uninhabitable? In an era when hardened partisan ideology consistently trumps facts, we can just shoot the messenger.

Never mind the overwhelming evidence, just focus on producing good short-term economic numbers. The daunting likelihood of long-term environmental damage can be downplayed as ideologically motivated speculation. After all, voters time and again have backed dithering politicians who consistently kick the proverbial can down the road.

Conservative rhetoric aside, consider how the Ponzi-scheme approach to government budgeting has begun to manifest devastating results. Witness, for example, ever-worsening problems funding pensions and public infrastructure maintenance.

That conundrum will prove inconsequential compared to worldwide catastrophes sure to flow from Ponzi-scheme accounting regarding natural resources degradation.

Greg Gilbert

Cool, Calif.


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