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California's lucky to have Jerry Brown

To the editor: Gov. Jerry Brown is at work trying to solve problems that threaten not only California but also the planet. ("The disappearing Gov. Brown," Op-Ed, Jan. 4)

In his inauguration address Monday, he included a warning that climate change and global warming must be addressed. He is working to do something about it right here, right now.

Enough of the careerist politicians who live for lobbyists and campaign donations. Brown is at work doing what needs to be done quietly, efficiently and refreshingly with the courage of his convictions.

Anne Linn, Goleta, Calif.


To the editor: Brown's inauguration speech laid out ambitious energy and environmental plans for his next four years. What he did not lay out was the costs to the residents of California over the next 15 years.

A 50% reduction in auto fuel usage and an increase to 50% of electricity generated by wind and solar will mean enormous consumer price hikes in both these areas.

Brown's political history shows that he believes to accomplish such aggressive goals, he needs to make noncompliance painful. We experienced this in the 1970s with diamond lanes and we will experience it when auto fuel and electricity costs soar.

Michael Hoevel, Camarillo

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