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Diversity on California's high court: Where are the white men?

To the editor: It was interesting to read the article describing the makeup of the California Supreme Court. ("Brown appointees to Supreme Court renew hopes in death penalty cases," Jan. 21)

For many years now the benefits and necessity of diversity have been drilled into us by the liberal triad of academia, Hollywood and the media. Evidence of their success was recorded in the article, which noted that none of the current seven justices is a white male.

Perhaps this should come as no surprise, seeing as how liberals in power seek to appoint women and minorities. However, non-liberals also now tend to promote women and minorities to generate favor with vocal interest groups and the media and appear more progressive.

This has left us with a rather ironic situation: In order to continue to promote diversity on the high court, the governor's next judicial appointment might very well need to be a white man.

The times, they are a changing.

Andrew Harvey, Pasadena

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