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Jon Stewart and Brian Williams: 'Fake news' overshadows a 'serious news' crisis

To the editor: Once again, The Times has presented its readers with two articles on the front page that offer contrasting characteristics — this time in the delivery of the news itself. ("NBC's Brian Williams, in stunning fall from grace, gets six-month suspension," and "Jon Stewart, a force in comedy and news, will leave 'The Daily Show,'" Feb. 10)

In one article, we read of Brian Williams, the highly esteemed, traditional, straight-as-an-arrow "NBC Nightly News" anchor caught in a series of embellishments that have tarnished his image and may ultimately cost him his job; in the other, we read of Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," an irreverent comic genius who has over time morphed into a brilliant satiric storyteller of the modern political scene.

Williams may pay a very steep price for his fall from grace. Stewart, on the other hand, leaves a winner, on his own terms and with his fans still wanting more. Good luck to both, although I'm predicting Stewart will leave the more impactful legacy.

Bette Mason, Corona del Mar


To the editor: I read with deep sadness that Stewart is leaving "The Daily Show," the only TV show I watch regularly.

For 16 years, Stewart and his team have been brilliant at highlighting the mendacity and hypocrisy of politicians entrenched in our corrupt political system and the corporate-owned media that cozy up to them. Those two groups are not likely to miss him, but millions of us who love being informed and entertained at the same time (a brilliant combination) will.

Thank you, Jon. Thank you very much.

Matt Giorgi, Brea


To the editor: Found: the perfect successor to Jon Stewart — Brian Williams.

Frank King, Coronado, Calif.

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