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How much lower can our expectations of Obama go?

To the editor: Doyle McManus writes that President Obama and aides want us to lower our expectations regarding foreign policy. ("Obama's sadder but wiser foreign policy," Op-Ed, Feb. 10)

Fortuitous circumstances won Obama the presidency: an unpopular predecessor, an unpopular war, a financial meltdown and a weak opponent. Surrounding himself with people who evidently knew less than he did, his administration went on to lose Iraq, and it probably will lose Afghanistan and Yemen.

The Arab Spring so befuddled him that he lost Libya, then Egypt. Obama drew a red line over Syria and then stepped around it, allowing Bashar Assad to continue killing innocents while Islamic State continues to metastasize.

Unequivocally, my expectations of this president and his coterie of uniquely unqualified advisors have reached ground level and are digging deeper, heading for bedrock.

Andy Logar, Santa Rosa

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