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Dodger games are still free over the radio

To the editor: Fans seem to have forgotten or don't know that until the 1980s, most of the Dodgers' games were available only on radio except for a few with major rivals. ("Why I'm glad the Dodgers may be blacked out again this season," column, Feb. 13)

Dodgers owner Guggenheim Baseball Management came to town in 2012 and turned a bankrupt team into a perennial contender. It did a major refurbishment of Dodger Stadium as well; none of this came cheap. Every single game is available on radio, which was our only source for many years. You don't have to pay extra to follow the team that way.

It costs a lot of money to field a quality team, especially a perennial favorite. I'm not sure those accusing Guggenheim of greed for its TV deal with Time Warner Cable understand the economics of fielding a competitive team on a regular basis.

Michael Solomon, Canoga Park


To the editor: If fan support means something to the Dodgers (as most player interviews would attest), then how do they expect to reach the World Series with 70% of their fan base either annoyed or outright alienated by the Time Warner Cable deal? It's killing the love, people.

Make up your minds: If we matter, move heaven and earth to keep the love flowing; if we don't, keep doing what you're doing. We'll get the message.

Laura Owen, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: A pox on the people who endorsed the greed of Dodgers management by buying nearly 3.8 million tickets to games at Dodger Stadium last year. The rest of us would like to send a friendly message that "out of sight is out of mind" — and a chilling reminder that Angels Stadium is only a short drive away.

Barbara Pronin, Placentia

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