A restored L.A. River? It's a pipe dream.

To the editor: There is a hidden cost of having a flowing L.A. River. Every day the city pumps about 23 million gallons of treated water into the river. This water originally was intended to help replenish the aquifer under the San Fernando Valley. ("L.A.'s share of river restoration could hit $1.2 billion," March 25)

We are in a drought, and this water could help with the problem.


Roy W. Rising, Valley Village


To the editor: L.A.'s tab for restoring the L.A. River could reach $1.2 billion. This money will create a new park and wetlands for birds, among other things.

This revitalized river will run through a county that has at least 50,000 homeless people. That $1.2 billion could go a long way to alleviate this human suffering.

L.A. is a nice place — for the birds.

Susan Stone, Venice

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