Neocons and progressives: Which side has the shorter memory?

To the editor: Jacob Heilbrunn's warning of the significant return to power of neoconservatives in influencing the foreign policy advocated by the GOP, and less directly affecting our government's resulting overseas actions, should be taken very seriously. ("The neocons: They're back, and on Iran, they're uncompromising as ever," op-ed, April 2)

Neocons were totally discredited 10 years ago when the failure of their Middle East policies became clear. But memories are often short.


With Congress contemplating plans to undercut a tentative nuclear agreement with Iran, and with frequent calls for our military to intensify airstrikes and consider using ground forces again, the neocons apparently are slow learners. They still believe they have the power to unilaterally remake the Middle East.

Bill Hessell, Oak View


To the editor: Characteristically, progressives have high hopes and short memories.

Remember the North Koreans, who after talking 25 years ago about not having nuclear weapons now have these weapons and threaten the world? President Clinton was at first so happy and triumphant after making diplomatic inroads to North Korea. If only he had been more of a neocon.

The Iranians have been "snowing" us for years. Is there any doubt that even with an agreement in place, Iranian leaders will stall, lie and cheat?

Jack Kaczorowski, Los Angeles

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