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Greedy banks: America's threat from within

To the editor: This article on Wells Fargo's alleged practice of opening accounts without customers' approval and unfairly charging fees, and a separate piece by David Lazarus on Bank of America's fees for bounced checks, force anew this question:

What poses a more immediate threat to the American people, unprincipled and greed-driven financial institutions, along with unscrupulous businesses, or Muslim jihadists?

Les Herold, Palm Springs


To the editor: I went to my local Wells Fargo bank recently to withdraw some money. The teller and another employee pitched me a service offered by the bank; I politely told them that I was not interested. I finally asked, "Can I leave now?"

Walking toward the door, I was approached from the rear by the same employee offering me a more detailed explanation of the same plan. It was very annoying, and I think a bank robber would have had a better chance of getting away than I did.

Jon Peterson, Harbor City

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