Why can't Bernie Sanders win?

To the editor: I beg to differ with Doyle McManus' assessment of Sen. Bernie Sanders' chances of winning. ("Bernie Sanders: Why the guy who won't win matters," op-ed, May 27)

True, Sanders matters just as a candidate for president, but history shows that long-shot challengers can win. Barack Obama did.


Remember when our education was the best in the world, graduates could find jobs and retirees could count on retirement security? Remember when banks weren't banksters? Remember when inequality wasn't grotesque?

Without turning the clock back, we can regain the moral fiber that made us the envy of the world, but only with a president independent of corporate money. Sanders has been independent and consistent throughout his career. What you see is what you get — no backtracking and no excuses.

To put the country back on the right path, we need to ignore corporate voices and vote for hope instead of fear. Anything else is the wrong path for 99% of us.

John Schaefer, Arcata, Calif.


To the editor: In trying to get undue influence out of politics, I wonder if Sanders will not only take on the "billionaire class," but also unions, especially public unions.

At least the billionaire class is split between left and right, while the unions are almost exclusively on the left.

P.J. Gendell, Beverly Hills

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