Religious leaders: Speak up on climate change

To the editor: The moral leadership the pope is offering could be multiplied if other faith leaders got on their soapboxes and simply restated their views on global warming. ("Climate scientist makes the most of his parking-lot meeting with Pope Francis," June 19)

Roman Catholics are by no means the only faith group talking about global warming. Virtually all the world's major faith groups and religious leaders have made powerful statements on the climate. Like the pope, they've said that climate change is real, that the burning of fossil fuels is causing it, and that we humans have a moral responsibility to take action to correct it.

These groups include Greek Orthodox leaders, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and indigenous peoples.

The pope is not talking to a committee in the back room of the Vatican. The heads of other faiths need to come out forcefully too.

Craig Preston, Costa Mesa

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