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No end to Nazi hunting

Justice SystemTrials and ArbitrationGermanyNazi PartyJohn Demjanjuk

To the editor: The Nuremberg trials forced the Nazis to account for their wartime atrocities. Unfortunately, thousands evaded justice. And though decades have passed since humanity's darkest hour, the pursuit of justice for Holocaust crimes never grows frail. ("Call for justice interrupts former Nazi guard's quiet life in U.S.," June 21)

The recent trial of John Demjanjuk in 1988 provided an opening for Germany's Central Office of the State Justice Administration for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes to prosecute former death camp guards like Johann Breyer as accessories to mass murder. Armed with modern technologies, historical records and a renewed sense of urgency, prosecutors are pain-

stakingly reconstructing the charnel house staffed by the aging suspects.

As anti-Semitism rises across Europe, Holocaust justice is vital, reminding humanity that "never again" will history bear witness to this kind of mass murder.

Frank Perez, Hollister, Calif.

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Justice SystemTrials and ArbitrationGermanyNazi PartyJohn Demjanjuk
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