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Black vs. gay?

To the editor: Meeke Addison's statement that “your sexual preference is not equal to the color of my skin, an immutable characteristic” (“Wedded to traditional ideas,” June 30) very accurately states a fundamental misunderstanding pervasive in the anti-same-sex marriage dialogue.

Sexual preference is as much an immutable characteristic of an individual as the color of one's skin. The decision by the Supreme Court can be read simply that rights cannot be denied due to one's immutable sexual preference, just as they cannot be denied because of one's immutable skin color or one's gender.

I admit it took me a while to learn this lesson. Perhaps Addison should sit down with a gay friend and discuss how the color of her skin differs in any way from the sexual preference of her friend in making her who she is. Maybe she will find there are far more similarities than differences.

Sam Knight, Poway


To the editor: I respect Addison, with her traditional ideas about marriage, but I would respect her more if she were properly educated regarding gays and lesbians. As a black woman, she has a unique understanding of civil rights and the fight for freedom of African Americans.

She, like so many others, does not (or will not) accept the truth — that gay people are born with immutable characteristics just like the color of her skin.

Anthony Lawrence, Woodland Hills


To the edtior: Addison is a misguided soul who I suspect says shocking things to garner attention for her radio show. To reduce gay marriage to a sexual act is a remarkably shallow argument and unfit for intelligent debate.

Mark Fraser, San Diego


To the editor: Fortunately, most of the country's enlightened views on this issue have evolved past those of Addison and her ilk. While adorned in Bible-speak and sweetly delivered, her harsh words of intolerance will more and more fall on deaf ears, whatever the timbre of her voice.

Moreover, regardless of Addison's opposition, most of America has come to see that, in fact, the content of one's heart is equal to the color of one's skin, and should be afforded the same dignity.

Mike Cavalluzzi, Los Angeles


To the editor: This profile seems depressingly typical of the media's knee-jerk desire to highlight those most outspokenly opposed to any development. Like so many opponents of equality, she demeans same-sex relationships as being just about sex.

You don't need marriage to have sex. You do need marriage to ensure that your family enjoys the same societal rights and privileges as other families.

Peter Lavin, Los Angeles

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