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A report card on L.A.'s political leadership

To the editor: I am relieved to know that The Times intends to issue grades, subjective though they may be, to four major players on the Los Angeles city team. (“Grading City Hall,” Editorial, July 12)

Actually, I wish it would do it more often.

It is virtually impossible, as a private citizen, to take care of one's own business and, at the same time, stay in touch with the activities of civic leaders.

Hopefully, the knowledge of these periodic public judgments will produce optimum performances. If not, at least we'll know about it.

Bart Braverman, Los Angeles


To the editor: Your categories for evaluation are excellent.

The mayor is the leader of the city. While Los Angeles' government organization limits the mayor's authority, he is the one person that can set the direction.

Thus it is amazing to me how silent Eric Garcetti is on so many issues. Although many criticized former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, we all knew his views on everything pertaining to this city.

Garcetti has not stepped up to the plate.

Don Evans, Canoga Park

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