Baseball fans call out Dodgers and Time Warner Cable

To the editor: Would any customer of Taco Bell put up with being charged for every side dish and topping when all she wanted was a bean-and-cheese burrito? Would the same customer willingly pay to keep a caldron of green tea piping hot for the customer behind her in line? ("TWC's Dodgers channel dispute a case for a la carte pricing," Column, July 31)

She would walk out and visit the fast food joint right next door in order to get and pay for exactly what she wants.


Time Warner Cable insists that I pay each month for channels I never watch. On top of that I'm forced to pay the penalty for its idiotic decision to pony up billions to the Dodgers for the right to manage and broadcast SportsNet LA, the team's cable channel.

What if Time Warner Cable decides to snag the exclusive rights to broadcast the Watching Paint Dry channel? Must I pay for that as well?

Stephen Lee, La Habra


To the editor: DirecTV should not be forced to enter arbitration with Time Warner Cable. It did not create this mess; Time Warner Cable and the Dodgers did, and they know it.

For the sake of all fans, the Dodgers and Time Warner Cable should renegotiate their contract, cut their losses and end this ridiculous, selfish, greedy nightmare once and for all.

Kim Brooks, Manhattan Beach