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With all that concrete, why didn't Hamas build shelters?

To the editor: My heart lurched when I saw the front-page picture of two tiny bodies on the metal table at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. I only learned a couple of days ago that there are no shelters for people in Gaza to flee to. ("Gaza tunnel network threat leaves Israelis shaken," July 30)

I can't help but wonder why, if Hamas can build such sophisticated tunnels using concrete, it hasn't built any shelters. It would certainly add some legitimacy to its claim to represent the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Death and killing must be the most important things to them.

And who is left to worry about and mourn the children? The mothers of Gaza and soft-hearted American mothers who see the little bodies on the front pages of American newspapers. I'm brokenhearted by the awful price of war.

Susan Moore, Indio

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