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Gun background checks and James Brady's legacy

To the editor: Why would a rational person object to a background-check requirement for every firearm transfer? Shouldn't we do all that we can to keep felons and other dangerous people from acquiring guns? ("James Brady dies at 73; former Reagan spokesman, gun-control advocate," Aug. 4)

The current federal background-check system, championed by James Brady, has undoubtedly saved lives, but it doesn't go far enough because it allows unchecked sales between private parties in many states. Would the air-traveling public feel safe knowing that a large percentage of passengers had bypassed the security checkpoint?

Congress should honor Brady's legacy by finishing the job he started and pass universal background-check legislation.

Loren Lieb, Northridge


To the editor: Even to us strangers, it's always a painful loss when one of the "good guys" passes. Brady was one of those good guys who taught us all the true meaning of valor while facing horrendous circumstances.

However, I felt there has been too little mention of his wife, Sarah. In a world of superficial hookups and serial marriages, Sarah Brady taught us the true meaning of marriage: fidelity, courage, patience and always such obvious, enduring love.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." Indeed, Sarah Brady is a treasure, to her husband and to all who know her.

Melody Suppes, Rancho Palos Verdes

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