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A developer doesn't like L.A.'s building rules -- big surprise

To the editor: To whom is Paul Habibi appealing in writing that Los Angeles should adopt a more lenient standard for affordable housing: that certain projects should be able to bypass the site review plans? ("Easing L.A.'s housing crunch," Op-Ed, Aug. 10)

Habibi is the principal and co-founder of one of the largest owners and developers of multifamily housing in L.A. County; it would certainly be more convenient for his company to be able to build at will, bypassing those inconvenient neighborhood groups and impact studies that serve as the last bastion against unrestrained development.


Housing rules: An Aug. 14 letter to the editor said Paul Habibi, the author of an Op-Ed article calling for a new site plan review process for large residential projects that include affordable housing, stood to benefit from the changes he was advocating because he is the principal and co-founder of one of the largest developers and owners of multifamily housing in L.A. County. In fact, none of Habibi's projects has ever been subject to site plan review, nor does he have any projects in the pipeline subject to site review. —

If Habibi's advice were to be taken and canyons of taller buildings lined the cityscape, what provisions would be made for the thousands of additional vehicles of those commuting new residents? What new water sources would slake their thirst?

As a 30-year subscriber to The Times, I cannot honestly remember a more self-serving piece.

Christian Stevens, Los Angeles

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