Trump's failing presidency isn't stopping Congress from serving the Koch brothers

To the editor: I am sure many Americans are relieved to read that members of Congress and the billionaire Koch brothers are still thinking of us, the “common people.” (“With Trump in the limelight, Congress has been quietly working to undo Obama-era regulations,” Feb. 14)

We can again welcome mountain-top coal mining, which will pour millions of tons of pollutants into our streams and rivers; U.S. private businesses can continue to make donations to foreign nations without our interference; citizens with mental problems will be able to buy their guns unhindered; and those of us unfortunate enough to have health issues will be able to wander among many insurance companies to try to find one which might take us on.

The freedom from rules and regulations we will have as a result of their conscientious regard for us, not to mention the obscene wealth they will accrue, is greatly appreciated.

Mary Ross, Cambria, Calif.


To the editor: From Tuesday’s Times, I learned that the National Rifle Assn. thinks we don’t need background checks for gun buyers with a mental illness, Congress is busy undoing “cumbersome rules” like limiting downstream pollution from coal mining and regulations designed to prevent corruption by U.S. companies doing business overseas, and Trump’s changes to work-visa programs will likely send highly skilled tech workers into the open arms of Canada.

Good to know that America’s race to the bottom is proceeding apace.

Lynn Eames, Los Angeles

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