More Republicans should put country first and vote for Hillary Clinton

To the editor: Let's hope David Shulman speaks for more than just a few Republicans. (“I’m a Republican and I don't like Hillary Clinton — but I’m voting for her,” Opinion, AUg. 8)

The example he sets of putting country above party is what we should all be doing. And yes, Hillary does have baggage, but she is in touch with the world and is in a word: presidential.

David B. Housh, Glendora


To the editor: Kudos to Shulman for explaining why he, a Republican, is voting for Clinton.

He laid out exactly what many of us Democrats also feel — her baggage notwithstanding, the woman’s absolutely got the best interests of the country at heart.

Trump? Only himself.

Sara Clausen, Moreno Valley


To the editor: Shulman certainly has a right to his opinion on the Opinion Page. To me, he embraces the negatives, omits pertinent facts, and includes innuendos that paint a picture more dire than it actually is. His assertions that Supreme Court nominees by Clinton would “do violence to the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendments to the Constitution” is more than a biased opinion and shows a lack of integrity.

Regarding the 1st: Democrats strive to make sure all people get the rights as dictated by the Constitution, not take them away. Re the 2nd: Never has there been a campaign to take guns away from the populace, instead there is a striving toward more responsible licensing for gun ownership. Re the 5th: Really?

Diane Welch, Cypress


To the editor: Shulman may be a registered Republican, but he's no conservative.

I remain a registered Democrat, but haven't voted Democrat since 2000. Shulman ticks off all the logical reasons to not vote for Trump, but against Clinton.

Just like many liberals, he's voting with his heart, not his brain. If I had a son/daughter in his Econ class, I would advise they drop his course.

David Pohlod, Oak Park

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