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The iPad project gets put on pause

To the editor: Clearly the iPad rollout to  district schools benefited Apple and Pearson, but did it really benefit all the classrooms in all the schools? ( “LAUSD halts contract for Apple iPads,” Aug. 26)

There seems to be a disconnect between district management and those who are in the trenches teaching L.A. kids.

Had the administrators not been so cozy with industry but instead relied primarily on teachers to determine the needs of individual departments and grade levels, no doubt money would have been spent more wisely.

All that can be said of this latest revelation is that industry made out really well and, no matter how much it protests, management is walking around with an ethical black eye.

Katharine Ellis, San Diego


To the editor: Is it any wonder that L.A.’s schools are in shambles? Deasy, while tap-dancing around his questionable dealings with the iPad program, cannot even spell properly: “I want to not loose…”

A billion dollars for new computers and this guy can’t even use spell-check.

Joe Martin,  Long Beach


To the editor: It is difficult to decide whether it is more troubling to read about L.A. Unified’s top echelon having questionable association with the vendors of the iPad acquisition for the school district or seeing John Deasy’s emails on the subject. Are we surprised that our schools are in dire condition?

Tom Fleishman, Valley Glen

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