Love in the age of Bernie and Hillary

In the weeks to come, both before and after the Democratic National Convention, enthusiasts of Bernie Sanders -- especially all the millennials who invested so much energy in a campaign that exceeded expectations but ultimately fell short -- will be making a hard choice. One by one, they will decide whether to switch their support to Hillary Clinton or refuse what many of them see as a moral compromise.

I suspect this process will produce serious rifts between friends and even lovers. Such is the theme of today’s “encore” cartoon.

When I take a brief break from drawing and commentary, as I am doing this week, I like to leave readers with a reprise -- an encore -- of some of my older cartoons. Sometimes, I update an image for changed circumstances -- an interesting and fun challenge that is a bit like the caption contest on the back page of the New Yorker. Today’s cartoon first appeared on December 11, 2012, when the country faced the dreaded “fiscal cliff” showdown between Congress and President Obama. I actually like this new version even more.

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