Watch Alex Guerrero perform worst fake catch in history

You ever watched a Pee Wee League game, where a little kid will stop a baseball after it has bounced about 100 times and then hold it up like he caught it? It's cute. The parents enjoy it, the crowd applauds, and the coach can use it as a teaching moment. Well, you can also see something similar at Dodgers games when Alex Guerrero is playing left field.

During the bottom of the sixth inning of Wednesday's game at San Francisco, Brandon Crawford hit a sinking liner to left that bounces well in front of Guerrero, who dives and luckily has the ball bounce into his glove. Guerrero then pops up and holds the glove and ball high in the air, signifying that he caught the ball on the fly. Guerrero then started to run off the field, since his "catch" was the third out.

The umpires, however, weren't buying it. And neither will you when you watch it below.