Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw reflects on no-hitter

Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw reflects on no-hitter
Catcher A.J. Ellis is the first Dodgers teammate to embrace pitcher Clayton Kershaw after he completed his first no-hitter with a strikeout on Wednesday night. (Chris Carlson / Associated Press)

Clayton Kershaw said he received congratulatory messages from Sandy Koufax and Magic Johnson after pitching his first career no-hitter on Wednesday night.

Kershaw also heard from many people around baseball, including some others in the Dodgers organization. Don Newcombe was among those to reach out to him.


"It's pretty awesome to hear from that many people," Kershaw said.

He said that what he accomplished has started to sink in.

"I guess so," Kershaw said. "It was fun. You can't sleep really well, obviously. The next day, waking up and I get to turn on the TV and listen about it, I guess it kind of sunk in a little bit more the next day. It's pretty cool."

Dodgers Spanish-language broadcaster Jaime Jarrin has covered 19 no-hitters in his Hall of Fame career. Of them, Jarrin said Kershaw’s was the most dominant.

Jarrin's opinion was shared by others, including some who argued that Kershaw's performance might be the best pitched game of all time.

Kershaw struck out a career-high 15 batters but didn't walk a single one. He threw only 107 pitches.

"I always think about it in terms of circumstances," Kershaw said. "A game in June obviously matters, but when you think about Don Larsen pitching a perfect game in the World Series, I think the ramifications of the game are more important than a June game."

Before Kershaw threw his no-hitter, he was scheduled to appear Thursday on ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"But they said they had so much other stuff going on with the Kings winning and the Spurs winning," Kershaw said. "They asked if we could do it on a different day."