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Yasiel Puig signs #DontLookAtMe T-shirt and sends it as a gift to San Francisco's Madison Bumgarner

Yasiel Puig, the man who brought us such great hashtags as #PuigYourFriend and #PuigNotLate, is indirectly responsible for another one, which could become a rallying cry for the Dodgers as they close in on the postseason.

#DontLookAtMe, inspired by the phrase San Francisco pitcher Madison Bumgarner angrily yelled at Puig during Monday night’s game at Dodger Stadium, was widely used by Dodgers fans on social media the next day.

It also made its way onto a T-shirt worn by Dodger players before Tuesday night’s game.^tfw

So much to love here, not the least of which is yet another brilliant hashtag by Puig, #Puignotlookingatyou.

According to ESPN, Dodgers infielder Charlie Culberson had Puig sign one of the shirts as a goodwill gesture toward Bumgarner. Puig seemed happy to oblige, also writing personal messages like “I LIKE YOU” and, of course, “PuigYourFriend” on the garment.

Bumgarner wasn’t present when a Dodgers clubhouse attendant delivered the shirt, but other Giants players were amused, Culberson said, and hung it at the ace pitcher’s locker.

“It was all in good fun,” Culberson said. “There was no animosity about it.”

After learning of the signed shirt for the first time before the game, Bumgarner told reporters he didn’t have a problem with the Dodgers’ actions that day.

“If it were turned around, I’m sure we’d do the same,” he said.

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