Letters: Time to let the air out of this NFL story

Letters: Time to let the air out of this NFL story
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski spikes the football after scoring a touchdown in the Patriots rout of the Colts. (Elise Amendola / Associated Press)

The NFL meets NASCAR, where if you ain't cheatin', you ain't racin'. Bill Belichick done Junior Johnson proud.

Marc Keenberg




Bill Belichick knew nothing about deflated footballs, and Pete Carroll knew nothing about Reggie Bush.

Let's move on.

Steve Bowerman

Westlake Village


We all agree the Patriots would have beaten the Colts even if they didn't cheat with deflated footballs. The more important question that has not been asked is the previous week when they won a close game against the Ravens in very cold weather, did they cheat then, and how did it affect that game?

Mike Lorraine

Simi Valley


The rules that football craves have perverted the sport. Green Bay was not allowed an offensive play in overtime because Seattle luckily won the coin flip followed by a touchdown on its first possession. If the Seahawks had kicked a field goal, the Packers would have had a chance. Another illogical rule.

Al Delay




The Packers were caught sleeping in Seattle.

Jerry Selby



So when did Steve Sarkisian start coaching the Packers?

Brian Haueter


The Kobe situation

The combination of Kobe Bryant's contract and his latest injury have now created a financial quandary that will burden the Lakers for years to come. It also establishes Jeanie Buss as a true "one percenter" for only one person out of a hundred did not see this coming.

Maury Benemie



The rising Greek chorus of Kobe Bryant detractors is troubling and disappointing. Likely coming from many who have championed him for almost two decades, the media is now replete with criticism of the contract, the money, shot selection, minutes played and missed games. I, for one, am cherishing every minute he is still on the court. Kobe's evident joy playing against LeBron James in the recent game with Cleveland was a thing of beauty. Let us savor these twilight moments. When he retires, I will miss his singular presence on the court for the rest of my life.

Janice Barnum

San Gabriel


I have been an ardent basketball fan for 55 years. I have seen the world's greatest players in the NBA.

As a spectator, not one has excited me more than Kobe Bryant. To hear him tell Bill Plaschke, "My body is hurting like crazy around the clock" is hurting me, as it should every true fan.

I say, let the Lakers take a $50-million bath. Retire Kobe and honor him.

After 19 fabulous years, he doesn't need to end up under another Jim Buss failure.

Hal Oliver

Pacific Palisades


The Times' obsession with Kobe Bryant stories can be compared to last year's CNN obsession with the missing Malaysian aircraft. Remember when there was nothing left to be said, but they manufactured another 500 episodes? Kobe has been gone for a year and a half now. Enough already.

Frank Rich



All Kobe Bryant has to do is watch one of his old games on "Timeless Lakers" to realize his time has passed.

Vaughn Hardenberg



Boy, what a great job Jimmy and his sister have done with increasing the value of the Lakers by more than 93%. Dr. Buss would have been real proud.

Jim B. Parsons


He was Robbed

It irritates me that we fans who don't profess unconditional love for Rob Blake are somehow "grudge-holders." This not a grudge but more of reckoning.

I don't care for Rob Blake because of what he did during his contract tantrum in 2000. He's the only King to ever rip the "C" off his sweater. It goes against everything a leader should be. It goes against everything fans love about hockey players. It was a bad move when he took the "C" off, regardless of the reason. Clearly he changed his mind about it as he had the "C" back in less than two weeks, but it doesn't excuse the fact he did it in the first place. Blake disrespected the fans, the Kings and the honor of being a captain in the NHL.

For me, all Blake has ever had to do is deliver a sincere apology and the issue would be dead, but he steadfastly refuses. I've basically moved on, but don't ask me to relish Blake becoming a part of the Kings' front office or cheer the retirement of No. 4.

Matthew L. Daday

Rowland Heights


Let's stop the daily articles of what's wrong with the Kings and why they aren't playing as well as last year. It's very simple, Jamie McBain and Jeff Schultz are a huge drop-off from Slava Voynov and Willie Mitchell. Why would anyone expect a team that lost arguably two of its top three defenseman to not be impacted?

Don Giudice


Boyd's legacy

I met Bob Boyd's oldest son Bill the first day of high school and we have been close friends ever since. I knew Coach more as a father and husband than as a coach. But when I attended USC and roomed with Bill, I enjoyed watching his games at the Sports Arena. If more than one team could have gone to the NCAA tournament in those days, Coach Boyd's record would have been even more stellar.

But I think his (and Betty's) greatest legacy is off the court, with their three living sons. Each one of them is a leader in their field (commercial real estate, dentistry and veterinary medicine) and have wonderful families. At the end of the day, this is the most meaningful and long-lasting legacy.

D. Dean McCormick III


We'll leave the light on

After reading about the Steve Alford All-American Inn, a hotel in Indiana dedicated to the UCLA basketball coach, here are some other noteworthy SoCal sports figures that also deserve a hotel in their name:

Lane Kiffin Airport Exit Hotel

Kobe Bryant Achin' Bone Motel

Steve Nash Stay-Away Suites

Pete Carroll Lady Luck Casino & Hotel

Belichick/Kiffin Deflategate Resort

Love/Mayo/Muhammad Quick-Stop Motel

Frank McCourt Despicable Me Motor Lodge (w/ the Golden Parachute Parking Lot)

and finally,

Reggie Bush Cash & Carry Guest Home

Don Geller



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