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Oates on Football

Longtime pro football writer Bob Oates shares his experienced commentary on the NFL.

  • Seattle Won't Have a Chance

    Roethhlisberger Wins Easily If He Comes Out Passing. . . Cowher Makes It Close If He Runs . . . AFC Obviously Superior . . . Seahawks' 12th Man No Help on the Road

  • Big Ben's Team

    NFL Playoff Week 3: Cowher Lets Roethlisberger Throw . . . So a Super Bowl Win is Now in Their Sights . . . Hasselbeck Carries Seattle into the Big Game.

  • Palmer Carries Bengals

    NFL Week 8: Changing of the Guard: Palmer in for Favre. . . Packers Disintegrating . . . Rams' Jackson: Disrupts Defenses. . . Broncos are Coming.

  • The Top Three

    NFL Week 7: Steelers, Pats, Colts Stand Out . . . The Colt Problem . . . Parcells, Schottenheimer Hurt Own Teams . . . No Pro Club Should Ever Have a Kick Blocked.

  • Weis Blew It

    Notre Dame Played Ball Control Instead of Pass Offense . . . In NFL's Week 6: Steelers, Patriots Hailed as Parity Pair . . . Cowboys Recreate Bledsoe . . . Gibbs' New Century?

  • The Injury Threat

    The Injury Threat

    NFL Week 5: Can the Steelers Win Now? . . . Are the Patriots and Eagles Out of the Race? . . . Why Didn't the Eagles Blitz Bledsoe? . . .A Quarterback Controversy in Atlanta?

  • Four-Quarterback Show

    NFL Week 4: L.A. Doesn't Miss a 'Team of Its Own' Because the Best Pro Clubs with Their Talented Passers are All Shown Here on Network TV.

  • Big Ben: Montana on Stilts

    NFL Week 2: Steelers Need Balance ... Patriots' Offensive Concept Wrong ... Shotgun No Help to Good Passers ... Winners Pass and Run.

  • The Belichick and Brady Show

    NFL Preview: Patriots, Colts and Eagles Stand Out in a Year that has Brought More Parity to the 29 Other Teams.

  • The Philosophy of Passing

    Part 2: On Passing Teams, Skill beats Emotion, Brains Beat Brawn, Play-Calling is the Key, and First Down is More Vital than Third Down

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