Blake Griffin shot 71% from the field over the last two games

Blake Griffin says team practices helped him shoot 71% in the last two games

In the Clippers' last two wins, Blake Griffin has averaged 24.5 points on 71% shooting.

The All-Star power forward had a quick explanation for his efficiency -- the team has finally been able to get in some practices.

"It just gives me confidence," Griffin said. 

The Clippers went 28 days without practicing last month, having to play games at least every other day and some on back-to-back nights. Their schedule has finally slowed down, and they were able to practice three times so far in January.

That gave Griffin a chance to work with his shooting coach, Bob Thate, before Wednesday's 114-89 win over the Lakers and Saturday's 120-100 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

Against the Lakers, Griffin had 27 points on nine-for-13 shooting. Then against the Mavericks, he had 22 points on 11-for-15 shooting.

That made Griffin a combined 20 of 28 from the field on Wednesday and Saturday.

"I just believe that when you prepare for a game, it just kind of clears your head, clears any doubts," Griffin said. "It gives you confidence if you have been struggling, that's just kind of how it is for me. I just feel better."

Griffin is averaging 22.6 points on 48.5% shooting this season and averaging 7.8 rebounds and five assists a game.



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