Live discussion: Is Don Mattingly's job really in jeopardy?

Join Times Dodgers writer Dylan Hernandez and Angels writer Mike DiGiovanna at 11:30 a.m. today for a live video chat to discuss their respective teams. You will be able to watch the discussion on this blog post and submit questions during the event.

Most talk during the last week has revolved around Don Mattingly, and whether or not he will retain his job.

As Hernandez wrote on Monday,


"Although Colletti wouldn't say anything definitive about Mattingly's future, he made clear he believed the players were to blame for these failings rather than the manager.

"I think he has done fine," Colletti said of Mattingly. "I think he's kept it steady. Players still have to play. You have to look at our performance as a team on the field. Have we hit well with runners in scoring position? Have we scored enough runs? Have we played enough good defense? Have we made proper pitches all the time? It's an easy way out to look at one person."

"But Colletti wouldn't directly address speculation about Mattingly.

"My perspective hasn't changed," Colletti said.

"Less than two weeks ago, Colletti told Times columnist Bill Plaschke, "I'm confident we're going to turn it around, and I'm confident we have the right people."

"Colletti was asked about various media outlets speculating that Mattingly could be dismissed this week, perhaps as early as Thursday when the Dodgers have a day off.

"I really don't read very much," he said. "I don't have time to read a whole lot."

"Would it be incorrect to say that Mattingly could be fired this week?

"You know what?" he said. "My perspective hasn't changed."