Doug Marrone's bizarre off-season continues as he takes Jaguars OL job

Doug Marrone accepts job as Jaguars' offensive line coach after stepping down as Bills head coach

Doug Marrone just got hired as an assistant head coach/offensive line coach for the Jacksonsville Jaguars.

Good for him! If he works real hard and does a good job, maybe one day he'll work his way up to a head coaching position. And maybe it will be with a good team or at least an up-and-coming one.

Wait a minute. He already had all that -- less than a month ago, before surprising most everyone by opting out of his contract with the Buffalo Bills after two seasons.

That's the same Bills team that finished 9-7 for its first winning season in a decade and was in the playoff race till the very last week of the season.

Sure, quarterback Kyle Orton has since retired, but that barely seems like a reason for a head coach, who is said to have had the support of the Bills' new owners, to just walk away.

Speculation was that Marrone must have had the inside track on another head coaching job. He's said to have interviewed with numerous teams with coaching vacancies but didn't land any of those jobs.

So now Marrone's an offensive line coach, the same position he held for multiple teams as he was working his way up, before becoming an offensive coordinator with the New Orleans Saints in 2006 and head coach at Syracuse in 2009.

Plus, he accepted that position with the Jaguars, who don't even have an offensive coordinator at this point ... and are anything but a good or up-and-coming team.

But Marrone will still get $4 million from the Bills for the 2015 season, thanks to an opt-out clause in his contract. And he will do so while remaining in the league but in a relatively low-pressure position for a team that most people don't even pay attention to.

Maybe life is actually pretty good for Doug Marrone.

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