Jordan Spieth reveals his special connection with Michael Jordan

Masters champ Jordan Spieth was named after Michael Jordan, but basketball is definitely not his thing

The last 36 hours have seen Jordan Spieth on a whirlwind media tour, making the rounds to talk about his Masters victory and confirming a little-known fact about himself.

The 21-year-old golfer was named after Michael Jordan.

"We're just a big sports family," he told "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday. "He's my dad's favorite athlete."

The Spieths have another son, Steven, who plays guard for Brown University. Jordan was asked why he pursued golf as a youngster.

"You haven't seen me play basketball," he said.

The Dallas native also visited with David Letterman on Monday night. His victory tour will be cut short, however, because he is scheduled to play in the RBC Heritage in South Carolina this week.

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