Pac-12 tournament: Oregon's Mike Moser will see his past against UCLA

Pac-12 tournament: Oregon's Mike Moser will see his past against UCLA
Oregon forward Mike Moser, right, dribbles against Arizona State guard Jahii Carson on March 4. (Don Ryan / Associated Press)

LAS VEGAS — Mike Moser’s entire college basketball career intersects at the MGM Garden Arena tonight in the second round of the Pac-12 tournament.

Moser will start for Oregon, playing against UCLA, where he began his career in 2009-10, in Las Vegas, where he spent two years at UNLV.

Mike Moser, this is your life.

"It's not really odd to me," Moser said. "I have always followed the path that was right."


What a long and winding road it has been, leading back home. Moser played at Portland Grant High.

The 6-foot-8 Moser left UCLA after one season, unhappy with the power forward role envisioned for him. He had a successful sophomore season at UNLV and an injury-plagued junior year.

Moser enrolled as a graduate student at Oregon, taking advantage of the NCAA rule that made him immediately eligible. He has played for four coaches in five seasons and uncounted teammates.

"If I counted them up, it'd probably be 45 or 46," said Moser, who averages 13.6 points and 8.0 rebounds. "I got different views from a lot of people. I learned to deal with a lot of people."

Though he has no souvenirs from those previous stops.

"I definitely have donated a lot of gear to nonprofit foundations," Moser said.

He said he would not change a thing.

"I didn't leave any schools with ill will, or got kicked off the team," Moser said. "It was just, 'I don't want to be here anymore.' "

Moser may have one more reunion left. If the Ducks win two games, they could play Arizona in the tournament final.

Moser originally committed to the Wildcats, then a coaching change led him to switch to UCLA.