Mitch Williams takes leave of absence from MLB Network

'Wild Thing,' who reportedly behaved badly at a recent youth baseball tournament, takes leave from MLB Network

Mitch Williams won't be talking about baseball on TV for a while.

The former All-Star pitcher known as Wild Thing will be taking a leave of absence from his job as an analyst for the MLB Network, the channel said in an email to the New York Daily News.

"Mitch Williams has decided to take a leave of absence from his role at MLB Network at this time," a representative for the network wrote. "We are continuing to look into the matter."

It might be a good idea if Williams also takes some time off from coaching youth baseball, at least if reports from a recent tournament are true.

On Friday, posted reports of Williams being ejected from a game after a profanity-laced tirade, ordering one of his pitchers to hit an opposing batter and harassing coaches and players on the other team, including calling one boy a horrible, unprintable name.

Days before the story broke, Williams wrote on Twitter: "I regret what happened at this weekend’s tournament & apologize. I love baseball & coaching" and "I did not curse at the umpire & will walk away in the future. Again, I apologize."


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