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Is Clippers owner Steve Ballmer really Matt Foley in disguise?

New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, or as he is being called today, Hurricane Ballmer, made quite an impression on everyone at the Clippers fan festival Monday at Staples Center.

Coming out to the music of Eminem, Ballmer was a breath of fresh air, screaming and shouting and doing everything he could to rally the Clippers fan base.

He had some great quotes, such as: "Boom, baby!"

"Nothing gets in our way! Nothing gets in our way!"

"Boom! Keep coming! The hard-core Clippers, that's us."

You can see for yourself in the above video. But we have learned that when Ballmer was young, he was a motivational speaker by the name of Matt Foley. He once motivated two kids to become better people, and those two kids grew up to be David Spade and Christina Applegate.

Or, as some say, it was actually a skit on "Saturday Night Live" featuring Chris Farley.

I prefer to think it is the younger Ballmer. Watch it below, compare the two videos and decide for yourself.

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