Bruins receivers are a mutual admiration society

Bruins receivers are a mutual admiration society
Devin Lucien is one of eight players the Bruins will probably rotate at receiver. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

UCLA receivers have a mutual pact.

"If someone else catches a pass, you have to give them a block to get them in the end zone," receiver Thomas Duarte said. "Get them the touchdown."

The Bruins don't lack for receivers who can find their way to the end zone. They will likely rotate eight players in what has become a mutual admiration society.

Said Duarte: "I watched Devin Lucien's tapes, I don't know how many times, just to see how he controls his body."

Said Lucien: "Every time Thomas runs a route, it looks so slow, but it is so smooth. He'll come out of nowhere and make amazing plays."

Meanwhile, Jordan Payton has a little envy for seemingly all his fellow receivers.

Said Payton: "Kenny Walker is unbelievable with that speed. Devin Lucien can jump out of a gym. Eldridge [Massington] is scary with his size. Thomas always makes the catch. I asked Devin Fuller to teach me to glide like that."